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V-KOOL Winning TVC
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Sunshine Without The Heat

V-KOOL® is a revolutionary window-coating film which offers the best optimum solution to the problems that cars and buildings face from the intense Malaysian heat and sun. This multi-accolades winner was initially developed for the United States Air Force and NASA respectively by Southwall Technologies Inc. V-KOOL® films have a special optically coated material which selectively absorb, reflect and transmit specific ranges of electromagnetic radiation; or in layman terms, V-KOOL® films have a visible-light transmission of 73%, and rejects 94% of the heat-carrying infra-red.
V-KOOL® was developed by Southwall Technologies located at Silicon Valley in the U.S. This technology was initially developed for specialized applications ranging from the Stealth Bomber, the Space-Shuttle, and now to your cars, buildings, and homes.
In the Malaysian automotive industry, the trusted Spectrally-selective V-KOOL® films are incorporated at OEM (Original-Equipment Manufacture) level by majority of renowned auto-manufacturers. Our presence in the architectural industry is equally prominent when all PETRONAS stations and The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and many others are protected by V-KOOL® technology.
So, what do USAF air force pilots, NASA astronauts and more than 23 million drivers in the world have in common?
They trust in V-KOOL® to provide a clearer view, a cooler world. They Enjoy Intelligence.