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Architectural Solutions

Architectural Solutions

Clear Solutions

Until recently, there were a few viable solutions that you can use to protect interiors from solar heat gain. You could go with a reflective coating, or by using a less effective tint, or you could even use heavy curtains; all of which requires you to make a compromise between the clarity of your view versus your comfort level.

Now, there is a better alternative – V-KOOL™ which uses a patented, high tech process to embed a metallic coating that is only a few hundred atoms thick onto an optically-clear and durable polyester film.

Once applied to your windows, this high tech product screens out an amazing 94% of infra-red rays responsible for heat build-up while letting in over 73% of visible light. That is almost as much heat reduction as heavy silver-metallized window films and significantly more than conventional tints.

Unlike conventional films, V-KOOL™ is virtually transparent so you are never forced to sacrifice appearance, light or clarity. By comparison, heavy silver window films allow just 15% to 20% of light to enter.