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Why V-KOOL™?

Q: Why choose V-KOOL™ Window Film?
A: V-KOOL™ provides heat rejection technology that is the best available in the market.
if there are any doubts, please visit your nearest authorized V-KOOL™ Outlets for a free heat demonstration and receive a gift of serendipity.

Q: Why is V-KOOL™’s warranty better than the rest?
A: V-KOOL™’s warranty provides a 5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty and has been in Malaysia for 30 years. On the other hand, competitors provide a longer warranty period but close down due to too many warranty claims.

Q: What are the advantages of installing V-KOOL™?
A: You would not need to replace window films or strip them repeatedly. This helps you save time as well as effort, having to send in for a replacement. Furthermore, this reduces the unnecessary damage to the car windscreen and demister line to the back windscreen.


Q: How long is V-KOOL™’s warranty?
A: 5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty.

Q: What the V-KOOL™ warranty cover?
A: Peeling, Bubbling, Discoloration, Demetallizing, and Delamination.

Q: How do I apply for V-KOOL™ Warranty Card?
A: For installations done at NVK Interior (M) Sdn Bhd Branches, you will receive the warranty card upon collecting your car.

For installations completed with our Tint-Shop Master Distributor or Tint-Shop Authorized Dealers, kindly send the original warranty application form to V-KOOL™’s Headquarters, or email the warranty application form to enquiry@v-kool.com.my within 7 days from the installation date.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive the V-KOOL™ Warranty Card from the day of submission of the warranty application form?
A: 3 to 5 working days upon receiving the Warranty Application Form. If there are any urgent requests, kindly contact the V-KOOL™ Headquarters.

Q: How do I claim warranty if the installed film has issues?
A: An inspection appointment is needed to be made in advance. Additionally, the original V-KOOL™ warranty card or the V-KOOL™ warranty application form is required to be presented during the time of the appointment.

NVK Interior customers are to make their window film claims at our NVK Interior (M) Sdn Bhd Branches.

Meanwhile, customers who have installed V-KOOL™ window films with our Tint-Shop Master Distributors or Tint-Shop Authorized Dealers are required to claim warranty directly from your original installation outlet.


Q: How do I know whether the V-KOOL™ window films are original?
A: You will receive a V-KOOL™ Warranty Card to certify its originality. Additionally, you can make a film inspection at our V-KOOL™ Headquarters for confirmation. Kindly bring along the original V-KOOL™ warranty card or V-KOOL™ warranty application form during the time of the appointment.

Q: Do you provide films for customers for self-installation?
A: No, we do not. We provide a “supply and installation” service only. Our window films are too expensive and sensitive to apply. If you make a mistake, you will lose a lot of money.

Q: Does the product affect GPS, auto gates, and handphone signals?
A: It depends on the receiving terminal and the strength of your phone’s transmission signal. If your phone is using infrared wavelength, it does. As V-KOOL™ cuts off 94% of infrared to keep your cabin cooler.


Q: What are the modes of payment accepted?
A: Credit Cards, Online Bank Transfers, Cheques, or Cash.