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Fade Control

Features and Benefits

Crystal clear, V-KOOL™ filters and rejects virtually all of the sun’s infra-red and ultra-violet radiation. Sunlit work and living spaces become more comfortable; sun damage to fabrics, furnishings and display merchandise is reduced significantly.

  • Reduces solar heat gain by over half
    Comfort goes up, cooling costs go down.
  • Clear colorless appearance
    Maintains buildings original design aesthetics; critical for retail displays, and view windows.
  • 99% UV screening
    Dramatically reduces sun fading of fabrics, furnishings and display merchandise.
  • Holds broken glass together
    Reduces liability and risks of injury, provides additional resistance to smash and grab thefts.
  • Scratch resistant
    Specially formulated Hardcoat meets stringent ASTM D1044 Abrasion Test, and allows easy maintenance of windows special requirements.
  • Easily retrofitted onto existing glass
    Installation is quick, without the use of chemical solvents. Minimal workplace or home disruptions.