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NVK Vocational Training Academy

NVK Vocational Training Academy
Aspire To Inspire

Aspiring towards professionalism and employability. Additionally, the trainee’s growth will be able to inspire surrounding individuals to reach new heights!

Aspire To Inspire

Working effectively towards preparing all NVK Trainees for significant roles in business and society. It is a vital transformation point for trainees. All acquired skills, general knowledge and preparatory fundamentals leads to a trainee’s exceptional performances. It is further achieved by essential values such as leadership and teamwork, problem-solving skills, social skills and responsibilities, and practical skills.

100% Employability

Exceptional Support

During this course, trainees will be supported practically and theoretically by highly qualified and helpful mentors.

100% Employability

World-Ready Trainees

Join us and be transformed into a certified tinted professional! The skills acquired during this course ensure trainee’s job opportunities after graduating. Additionally, trainees will be equipped with rewarding working experiences.

Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium
Leading Edge Technology

Learn about the background and the state-of-the-art technology behind the creation of premium window films.

V-KOOL™ technology is even recognized by the Popular Science Magazine as one of the TOP 100 Inventions of the Millennium.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Work effectively as a team.
  2. Demonstrating practical skills such as time management, thinking skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills.
  3. Understanding the essential techniques of installing a film.
  4. The ability to identify, explain and solve window film installation issues.

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